I specialize in custom-designed processes for church and non-profit boards. My work centers on helping groups and organizations to define goals, recognize opportunities, develop strategies, and strengthen their healthy functioning. I focus on encouraging organizational health by building and supporting capacities in communication, transparency, mutual trust, clarifying and defining purpose, and exploring values. Some specific types of consultations/facilitations I have done in the past include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Annual goal-setting and review
  • Conflict resolution
  • Planning retreat
  • Mutual Ministry Review

. . . our (Mutual Ministry Review) needed to be virtual due to the Covid pandemic. Betsey played a key role from beginning to end. As such, our design not only needed to be appropriately customized to our parish needs and interests – itself a challenge – but manageable in a virtual environment. Betsey masterfully brought together her substantial MMR experience and understandings with our various, at times naive, and differing ideas into a coherent design appropriate for a Zoom-based MMR. . . . As the day for the MMR approached, those of us on the design team were a tad anxious, despite our confidence in the design and Betsey. I don’t believe that any parish in our diocese had actually done an online MMR. . . . As of this writing, our MMR-derived goals are “alive” at St. Martin’s and each has an associated work plan and designated leadership.

Bob Polkinghorn

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