Betsey Monnot is an Episcopal priest and retreat leader who is passionate about helping individuals, groups, and organizations move more deeply into the abundant life to which God calls us.

About me:

God’s call comes to me in part through my ordination as a priest in the Episcopal Church. In my work as a consultant, I have discovered that I love to listen to individuals and groups and help them to discern God’s call and purpose. I enjoy the experience of tailoring a process that will help bring a group, nonprofit board, or vestry to the next level. I have also spent eighteen years serving congregations and on the bishop’s staff in my diocese.

What other people say . . .

“Betsey’s facilitation was unanimously regarded as well-structured and well-paced, without being confining, substantively generative, and spiritually inspiring.  We came away with a tangible set of outcomes consistent with our most hoped for retreat goals.  We also came away with renewed spirits, relationships, and confidence in how to have a productive, positive year together.”

“Betsey helped prepare everyone well in advance of the online session with readings, perspectives, and instructions for how we were going to structure ourselves to optimize time and productivity.  Suffice it to say, the entire day went beautifully and exceeded everyone’s expectations.  Key to the entire process was Betsey’s ability to listen perceptively, guide gently, and summarize efficiently and coherently.  When the session ended we agreed – we all learned something (actually, many things) and were genuinely inspired to take hold of our goals and get to work.”

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